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We have Blakely winners! Except for a canceled banquet, the Blakely Competition proceeded as planned.

Renee Henderson, Blakely Competition Manager and her team of judges, recognized the following four students for their work:

Ethan Barlow: Excellence for his technical writing undergraduate submission, “Clean
Communication for Powering the Era of Green Energy”


Nathaniel Bradley: Merit for his science undergraduate submission, “The Modern Redhead Murders”

Emma Dixon: Merit for her science graduate submission, “Ask a Scientist”

Holly Whited: Excellence for her science undergraduate submission, “Unsung Heroes of


Each awardee granted permission for us to post their entry, which you will find linked with title of their entry.

Judges offered comments for their decisions to all entrants, a great benefit, as is the opportunity to mention entering the competition on a resume. That initiative means something to the local professional tech comm and science writing communities.
Congratulations to the winners, sincere thanks to our judges, and kudos to all who entered.

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