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Blakely Award Winners

STC-ETC annually grants the Blakely Award to recognize students' excellence in technical and scientific communication. The awards are offered in two categories: Technical & Professional Communication, and Science Writing. The Blakely Award is an opportunity for students to display their communication and writing skills, as well as strengthen their resumes with an official STC award.  

2021 Graduate Science Writing

Kellie Gadeken

Merit for her science graduate submission,

This Story is Trash

2021 Undergraduate Science Writing

Kellie Ward

Excellence for her science graduate submission,

What You CAN'T See in the Tennessee River

Shannon Bayliss

Merit for her science graduate submission,

Romeo, Lady Gaga, and Flamingos: Evolutionary Biology in a Hair-Obsessed World

Ethan Barlow

Merit for his science undergraduate submission,

Sustainable Food: Surveying UTK Students on Plant-Based Meat

2022 Undergraduate Technical Communication

Ethan Barlow

Excellence for his technical communication undergraduate submission,

Free to Publish, Free to Read: How Volunteer Editors Can Demonetize Scholarly Journals in Nuclear Security

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