Savannah Defreese


Savannah joined STC-ETC as a student liaison during her senior year at UTK. She was recently inducted into Sigma Tau Chi, STC's student honor society. Now she is a technical writer at DPRA.

Sumner Gibbs

Vice President (Past President)

Sumner discovered STC-ETC as a student liaison in 2014. She recently graduated from UTK with a Masters in rhetoric and writing. Now she edits and develops nuclear security training material at Oak Ridge National Lab.

Mary Knepper


Mary is a long-term STC member and advisor. Past manager of PCOC; past president and presenter of STC. President of Ryba Associates, Inc. (RAI). Bionic woman.

Dr. Russel Hirst

Permanent Advisor

Dr. Russel Hirst is an associate professor of English at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, where he directs his department's program in technical communication.

Anthony Rivera

Web Master

Anthony joined STC-ETC as a student liaison his senior year at UTK, and earned the Blakely Award of Merit in Technical Communication. He now works at ProNova Solutions, LLC in Maryville.

Bradi Musil

Past Membership Director

Bradi graduated from the University of TN, Knoxville with a degree in tech comm. During her time at UT, she played a pivotal role as Managing Editor at the Daily Beacon - the campus' only student-run newspaper.

Jessica Hingtgen

Past President

Jessica is a long-time STC-ETC member and has served as past membership chair. She is a UTK rising graduate; PCOC attendee and organizer; working in tech comm.

Dylan Platz

Past President

Dylan joined STC-ETC as a student liaison his sophomore year at UTK before serving as Vice President his senior year. He was honored with the Distinguished Service Award for Students in April 2014. He now works at Vanderbilt University in Nashville.

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