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Joining STC and STC-ETC


The key values of an STC membership are access to best-in-class technical communication education and training programs, career development and professional networking opportunities, and exclusive member benefits. STC membership helps support the mission of STC to advance the theory and practice of technical communication, a mission that benefits consumer worldwide.

Click Here to Join STC, and don't forget to select the East Tennessee Chapter while signing up!

Members-Only Features and Discounts


As a member, you'll gain access to members-only content, like the STC Job Bank and Salary Database. You'll also have online access to publications like Intercom magazine, Technical Communication journal, STC's Notebook blog, and more. You'll also be able to access members-only sections of the STC website, including the MySTC social network. Interested in the educational offerings? With a membership, you'll receive discounts on all e-learning offerings, registration for STC's annual summit conference, on products and services from HP, Lenovo, Hyatt, LifeLock, and more with STC's Affinity Program.

Why join the local chapter?



You can network with like minds, learn from experienced speakers featured in our programs, and receive job announcements. Members who serve on the board develop leadership skills and expand their communication experience. The chapter sponsors scholarships, conferences, and competitions.

Education and Service


Continue your educational experience using STC's e-learning educational offerings, such as live Web seminars, recorded webinars, online courses, and virtual conferences, all on a variety of topics. Once you're a member, all of these archived seminars are available on-demand. As a member of ETC, you can also help to set up events, as well as your own lectures about technical communication. 

Recognition and Fun


As a member of ETC, you'll have the chance to hang out with other members. Whether it be over pizza and beers, or at an event, you'll have the opportunity to have a good time getting to network with others. ETC also recognizes members with the opportunity to lecture and earn awards for original pieces

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