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Student Members

One thing we admire here at STC-ETC is student drive. STC may be a professional society—but that doesn't exclude our future professionals. We absolutely love when students are driven and actively pursue ways to make themselves better professionals. Joining STC already puts you a step ahead, giving you opportunities for education, service, recognition, and networking—but as a liaison, you'll be more prepared for working with others and making things happen.

Oh, and did we mention students get a discounted membership?

New Student Members

Rachel Brooks, rbrook31@vols.utk.edu

Graduate Student Liaison, 2020-2021

With a background in both English and science, Rachel is a first year master’s student in English rhetoric, writing, and linguistics at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. She is also the Davis Editorial Fellow for the International Journal of Nuclear Security.

Ethan Barlow, ebarlow4@vols.utk.edu

Student Liaison 2020-2021

Ethan is a junior at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, where he is earning a bachelor’s degree in technical communication and serving as the assistant editor for the International Journal of Nuclear Security.

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The key values of STC membership are access to best-in-class technical communication education and training programs, career development, professional networking opportunities, and exclusive member benefits.

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Past Student Members

Shelby Knox

Student Liaison 2017-2018

Shelby Knox majored in English with a technical communication concentration and business minor. She was a member of the UT women’s rugby team, STC-ETC, and interned with the International Journal of Nuclear Security. She entered the job market in the realm of technical communication.

Meghan Davis

Student Liaison 2017-2018

Meghan served as an STC student liaison during her senior year. She worked as an office manager for a technology start-up company, and hopes to continue working in the field after she graduates.

Bradi Musil

Membership Director 2015-2017

"Being involved in the Society of Technical Communication's East Tennessee Chapter and serving as Membership Director introduced me to incredible people in the Knoxville area, provided me instruction from some of the top professionals in the tech comm industry, and connected me to opportunities I would have never known about otherwise."

Savannah DeFreese

Student Liaison 2016-2017

"Being an STC-ETC student liaison has given me wonderful opportunities to develop personally and professionally. I have been able to network, learn, and grow with many students and professionals in the field. I know the guidance and leadership this position has provided me will be invaluable as I take the next steps in my career."

Anthony Rivera

Student Liaison 2016-2017

"Discovering STC and becoming a student liaison for the East Tennessee Chapter opened my eyes to just how vast the field of technical communication actually is. Through the connections I have made through STC-ETC, I have expanded my knowledge of the field, and hope to continue doing so going forward into my professional career."

Caitlin Shu

Student Liaison 2013-2014

"Being an STC-ETC liaison was one of the most rewarding decisions I made while in college. I was able to connect with other technical communication students at the University of Tennessee and network with professionals in the community. The leadership experience I gained as a liaison for STC-ETC has proven to be extremely valuable as I chase my dreams in New York City."

Andrew Dillon

Student Liaison 2012-2014

"My two years as an STC liaison were invaluable.  I always had an interest in technical communication, but volunteering at chapter meetings and conferences helped me gain specific knowledge of jobs and tools, and put me in contact with professionals I now consider to be friends and mentors.  I didn't start working with STC until I was a graduate student, so it's never too late!"

Hannah Bloomfield

Student Liaison 2012-2013

"Working as a Liaison for the STC opened so many opportunities for me that in less than a month of graduation I had multiple job offers. Being a Liaison taught me how to interview and network, allowed me to boost my resume with valuable experience, and helped me make it to where I am today."

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